Georgia Koutsaimani is a London based actress, performer and dancer with a background in professional sports and training and experience in dramatic and performance arts.

Originally from Athens, Greece, after finishing her Bachelor Degree in Physical Education, she moved to Copenhagen to study acting at Copenhagen International School of Performing Arts (CISPA) (2013-2016).

Her dance experience includes many latin and greek folklore competitions and performances, having won one bronze and two gold medals.

Moroever, her experience in acting and performing arts includes roles in short films, documentaries, theatre productions, with an active part in the production management, taking part in various workshops with international teachers and teaching a foundation acting course.

With a flair for language, rhetorics, movement and physical expression, Georgia combines these tools with her dedication and passion for acting and performance arts and strives for a successful international carrier, both in the theatre and film industry, telling stories that will make a difference.

“We are such stuff as dreams are made on and our little life is rounded with a sleep”.

William Shakespeare